When Anxiety Becomes a Problem

Everyone has anxiety. It is effective in protecting us from danger. If you are walking and see a rattlesnake 10 feet in front of you, your anxiety alerts you that there is danger and you take action to protect yourself. However, there are times when anxiety becomes a problem. It can stop many people from being able to complete basic tasks every day. This, eventually, can impact mental health and create problems for the individual. That’s why it’s so important that people recognize the symptoms of anxiety, so they can take steps towards controlling it. By searching online, an individual can find multiple treatment options to help them manage their anxiety. Some methods might work, some might not. It’s so important to find the method that works for you though. A lot of people believe that marijuana can make them feel much more comfortable if they’re struggling with anxiety. They just use some dab rigs for marijuana and they feel the full effects of it, easing their anxiety and allowing them to ease into their day. That’s just one method though, there are so many more. If this is a route you choose to go down though, be sure to check out https://ohdispensaries.com/ohio-marijuana-qualifying-conditions/ to see if you qualify for this product, depending on where you choose to consume it form of course. It might even be worth contacting a specialist if your anxiety gets uncontrollable. Don’t be afraid of trying a wide variety of different treatments in order to accomplish your goal of overcoming anxiety. With this in mind, head to everydayoptimalcbd.com if you feel ready to do this. But first, you need to recognize anxiety. Here are some signs:

  • Often feel out of control of their health and life
  • Experience higher levels of overall stress
  • Often struggle with low self-esteem
  • Feel nervous in many social situations
  • Have difficulty managing pressure
  • Have higher expectations of themselves and others
  • Feel returned love is performance-based
  • Often have unhealthy boundaries
  • Are often workaholics
  • Are more often sick
  • Often have unhealthy relationships
  • Become inward focused and dwell on their health condition and personal problems
  • Visit the doctor more often
  • Tax the medical system (with frequent trips to their doctor or emergency rooms)
  • Are more likely to take medications
  • Are more likely to have other health problems
  • Are overall more unhappy
  • Experience erratic emotional behaviors
  • Often quick to get angry
  • Regularly feel unsettled
  • Regularly feel overwhelmed
  • Feel disconnected or detached from reality and life
  • Often feel they are just on the edge of losing control
  • Often are not reliable (because their symptoms may prevent them from following through)
  • Become inward focused and dwell on their health condition and personal problems
  • May jump from relationship to relationship in search of perfection
  • May jump from job to job because of higher levels of stress
  • Live a restricted lifestyle (within their self-imposed safe zones
  • Feel life is passing them by
  • Question their faith and Gods presence in their lives
  • Feel at a distance from God

If you are struggling with anxiety, please seek help. Whether it be with items from greensociety.io or from a doctor directly, there are tools you can learn to live the life you were meant to live! Contact Alyssa for a free confidential assessment to see if our program is right for you. 913-768-6606, option 4.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that the person might have anxiety when they are not that connected to the real world. I guess my sister might need to see a professional because she has been like this ever since she got out of a very toxic relationship last November. She states some things are not true or haven’t even happened at all. I know this because I am always with her since we live under the same roof.

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