When Anxiety Becomes a Problem

Everyone has anxiety.  It is effective in protecting us from danger.  If you are walking and see a rattle snake 10 feet in front of you, your anxiety alerts you that there is danger and you take action to protect yourself.  However, there are times when anxiety becomes a problem.  Here are some signs:

  • Often feel out of control of their health and life
  • Experience higher levels of overall stress
  • Often struggle with low self-esteem
  • Feel nervous in many social situations
  • Have difficulty managing pressure
  • Have higher expectations of themselves and others
  • Feel returned love is performance-based
  • Often have unhealthy boundaries
  • Are often workaholics
  • Are more often sick
  • Often have unhealthy relationships
  • Become inward focused and dwell on their health condition and personal problems
  • Visit the doctor more often
  • Tax the medical system (with frequent trips to their doctor or emergency rooms)
  • Are more likely to take medications
  • Are more likely to have other health problems
  • Are overall more unhappy
  • Experience erratic emotional behaviors
  • Often quick to get angry
  • Regularly feel unsettled
  • Regularly feel overwhelmed
  • Feel disconnected or detached from reality and life
  • Often feel they are just on the edge of losing control
  • Often aren’t reliable (because their symptoms may prevent them from following through)
  • Become inward focused and dwell on their health condition and personal problems
  • May jump from relationship to relationship in search of perfection
  • May jump from job to job because of higher levels of stress
  • Live a restricted lifestyle (within their self-imposed “safe zones”)
  • Feel life is passing them by
  • Question their faith and God’s presence in their lives
  • Feel at a distance from God

If you are struggling with anxiety, please seek help.  There are tools you can learn to live the life you were meant to live!   Contact Alyssa for a free confidential assessment to see if our program is right for you.  913-768-6606, option 4.



1 thought on “When Anxiety Becomes a Problem”

  1. Thanks for helping me understand that the person might have anxiety when they are not that connected to the real world. I guess my sister might need to see a professional because she has been like this ever since she got out of a very toxic relationship last November. She states some things are not true or haven’t even happened at all. I know this because I am always with her since we live under the same roof.

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