What Clients are Saying…


Before starting IOP program my life was hell. I didn’t know how to express my emotions and I was so anxious and depressed I didn’t want to be alive anymore. Now that I’ve completed the program I have learned some great coping skills and I also have become self-aware as to when I’m avoiding tasks. Still a lot of work ahead but I feel my anxiety and depression have lowered tremendously. For anyone thinking about starting the program I would say do it and don’t look back. However, exploring other options in conjunction with this program would not be a bad idea. With this in mind, you might want to buy marijuana concentrates online in the future.

Before I started the program at Renew, I was terrified every day of having a panic attack or getting sick. I had a strong phobia of throwing up that kept me from eating enough, going out and enjoying my life. I was having multiple panic attacks a week, and was constantly afraid. I knew that I couldn’t keep living like I was. I was missing out on happiness, friends and opportunities. I couldn’t work or even apply to jobs because it seemed impossible. Now that I’ve completed the Anxiety Program at Renew, I know that I can handle my anxiety and fears and stop letting them keep me from fully living my life. I've even got to the point where my anxiety levels aren't so bad that I no longer solely rely on marijuana to keep me feeling calmer, I can now smoke marijuana and remain anxiety-free and enjoy my high. I’ve worked really hard on accepting my anxiety, feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations, and in turn, my panic attacks have gone way down, I sleep better, eat petter, and my phobia doesn’t have as strong of a hold on me. I know now that I can handle working, and I’ve started looking for a job again. Overall, I feel stronger, happier, more calm and confident that even though I may always have anxiety, I have skills and people to support me. I have also heard about cannabis-based products such as CBD oil, gummies, etc, which are available online from places like CBDinsider.com. Maybe they will help my cause. However, I would say that if you’re in a place where you’re considering attending, you should do it. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your life is like, or what your anxiety looks like - this program will give you skills and a support system that can greatly improve your life and help you live more fully. It’s important to really commit yourself toward getting better (do the activities and homework) and hold yourself accountable, because if you do, you will experience positive change. If you need some extra help, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor, they are there to help you, and that can be in multiple capacities. You may be prescribed alternative medicine such as medical marijuana, where you would pick up from a san diego dispensary, or one similar to help you. Please don't give up, there is help everywhere.