Mindful thoughts from Renew clients

“I have experienced a full recovery and have a normal relationship with food once again. It is wonderful to be normal again!” MA, age 59


“I had a voice that was trapped/bottled. I feel like Renew showed me the tools that I needed to open that bottle and I realized how much freedom there was in voicing my needs. It was empowering.”  SM, age 35

“Renew helped me see there is light after darkness. Before beginning therapy at Renew, I felt hopeless. The few moments of my day not spent obsessing about food were lost in a sea of sadness and grief. As I walk through the doors of Renew, I leave with a renewed sense of faith, of hope and of joy. I am leaving with a pocketful of coping skills and confidence within. Wow! Thank you for helping me see less of the shadow, and more of the sun Renew! I am forever grateful.” WB, age 23


"My therapist was wonderful. She gave me the tools for recovery. Group Therapy was something I was looking for my first two times in recovery and did not get. Now that I am in it, I plan to I will continue. It is wondering having others who are going through similar struggles give support to each other. Knowing you are not alone." JA, age 44

“Renew helped me realize aspects of my life that I needed to improve upon. It helped me pay attention to my body and to pay attention to what I need. I am able to recognize now when I am stressed and need a break or when I need food for nourishment etc.” --age 16

“Renew gave me the emotional strength to stand up for myself and gave me tools to understand why I was where I was.”  AR, age 35

"Renew helped me find a place where I was understood and accepted. Emotional support was provided as I was led towards a healthier lifestyle and a much better life. I am so thankful for the people at Renew and I can't begin to list all the coping skills and activities we covered that shaped me into the strong and healthy person I am today. I feel like I can handle stress much better, use more productive methods to handle problems, and tackle situations in life much better than I ever could before I came to Renew. My friends and my family have noted drastic difference in my personality and attitude towards all that I do."  RL, age 16

"Renew truly helped me grow into the woman I always hoped I could be but never thought was attainable or a woman I even deserved to be. As I went through counseling at Renew, I was introduced to ways of learning about my true self internally, as well as learning to love and accept my external self and gain an ever growing positive body image. The counseling I received at Renew left me hopeful, strengthened and gave me a new outlook on how to handle life situations in ways that glorify myself, and others."  LM, age 19

"With the help of the staff at Renew, I was able to finally live a life free of an obsession of food, exercise and weight. They gave me the tools to deal with my issues involving food/weight/body image and I am finally at peace with my body and myself. I feel like I have the life I always wanted, but never thought would be possible. Thank you Renew!"   LH, age 19

"Before I started my recovery at Renew I felt overwhelmed, out of control and I felt my eating disorder was making all the decisions in my life instead of myself. Through individual sessions and group therapy, I began to learn about myself and what had led me down the path to an eating disorder. Along this journey to recovery there were feelings of hopelessness, denial, realization, relief and struggle.  Renew gave me all the tools for recovery but I had to choose to use them-this was a definite struggle. This journey was very tedious and grueling and but so rewarding at the same time. Now, I am able to live without intrusive thoughts about binging and purging and for once, my life does not revolve around my eating disorder. Without Renew, my recovery would have been nonexistent."  HR, age 24

"Words cannot express how much Renew has helped me.  When I first started my treatment I walked in with my head hung low, hating myself.  When I ended my treatment I walked in with my head high knowing and believing deep within me that I was special and loved.  Renew showered me with love and gave me valuable tools that I will use the rest of my life, for battling the darkness and hurt. I gained the courage to believe that though the sorrows may last for the night, the joy comes in the morning.  And it really does come.  I am forever grateful."   JS, age 25

" I came to Renew when I was at a crisis point in my life.  I was barely able to function but the moment I walked into my therapist's office I felt better.  I was instilled with a sense of hope before I left the first session, and I have never gone back to feeling as badly as I did before I went to Renew.  I was given the support and encouragement I needed to make it through a seemingly impossible time in my life.  I had struggled for half of my life with eating issues and food consumed so much of my thoughts.  My biggest struggle now is figuring out what to think about and do in all the free time I have now that food doesn't consume my life!"  AS, age 26

Others are Struggling, Too

1 out of 4 of us struggle with diagnosable and treatable personal, relational and mental health challenges.  You are not alone. It is time to stop striving and start living again. It is time to do something for you, to get you back. You are worth fighting for. We want to be on your team.  For anxiety we utilize ACT, CBT and DBT skills.

Anxiety Disorders (1 out of 13 people)
Adolescent Lifetime Prevalence of Any MH Disorder
Eating Disorders
Depression & Complicated Grief
Diabetes & Prediabetes
Relationship Issues (Divorce Rate)

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