Rachael Rutter-DeKoning, Clinician



As an LCMFT, Rachael seeks to make the therapeutic space a safe and comfortable environment for healing and personal exploration. She helps clients work towards their goals by building on their strengths and resources. Her collaborative nature and competent therapeutic skills will ease your transition into therapy and guide you toward healing, personal growth, and overall well being in yourself and relationships.


Rachael has experience treating issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, couple and family relationships, child-behavioral problems, family of origin problems, blended families, life transitions, personal growth, self-esteem, chronic illness, sexual orientation, divorce and co-parenting, and grief and loss. Rachael's areas of specialization and interest include military family issues, conflict resolution, couples therapy, specifically infidelity and domestic violence, and identity issues (i.e. sexual orientation, spirituality, etc.).


Rachael uses an integrated approach of evidence based theories, and best practices including, but not limited to, Emotion-Focused couples Therapy (EFT), Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and Narrative therapy.




Rachael DeKoning is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT) and Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) working in Kansas at Christian Psychological Services of Kansas City and has been actively seeing clients since 2011. Rachael received her Bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University in Family Studies and Human Services where she graduated at the top of her class. Following, she received her Master’s degree in Family Studies and Human Services with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her training allows her to provide individual, couples, family, and group therapy to all ages. Along with her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, Rachael has also received her conflict resolution certificate which is allowing her to complete the hours necessary to become a licensed mediator in the state of Kansas. 




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Mind On a Mission blog

The purpose of my blog is to share knowledge and tips on holistic health for you and your relationships.


Christian Psychological Services

I practice independently at Christian Psychological Services (CPS). CPS is a nondenominational, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing mental health services consistent with the precepts of the Christian faith and with sound psychological principles. You can find more information about CPS on our website:


American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

To learn more about the practice of Marriage and Family Therapy, visit:


Lee's Place 

Wonderful grief and loss resources can be found at:


LGBT Resources

There is a lot of controversy over the issue of homosexuality within the religious community and society in general. Rev. Dr. Mel White speaks to this confusion through a spiritual lens and tells us what the bible says-and does not say- about homosexuality. The website also contains other helpful LGBT resources. (If the link to the article does not work, try googling the title of his article "What the bible says-and doesnt say- about homosexuality" and multiple PDFs should be available)




Center For Healthy Sex

Center For Healthy Sex is a certified team of dedicated professionals specializing in sex addiction treatment and sex therapy. This is a great resource for those needing help with a sex or love addiction.


Surviving infidelity First Call

Surviving infidelity is a great resource for those affected by Infidelity and Cheating. This is a safe place to learn about and share your experiences with others who understand.


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