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What can one do to improve body image?

By Kori Hintz, LCPC

1.   Write 50 things that you like about you that have nothing to do with your body appearance. Ask loved ones what they see in you. Get out this writing periodically and continue adding to it.

2.  Journal about these questions: 

What do I spend most of my energy on... feeding my spirit or maintaining an acceptable appearance? 

What am I doing regarding looking beautiful verses being beautiful? 

What can I do to spend more time on my spirit, my soul, my personality?

3.   Stop talking about numbers, size of clothing, how much weight you lost, how much you weigh.

4.   Focus more on complimenting your friends on characteristics of their heart rather than how they look, what they are wearing.

5.   Go to and click on their campaign for true beauty.

6.  Books found on body image can be located at


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