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It takes courage to come here, to explore what help looks like, and question if there is hope. You don't have to live in shame or in secrecy anymore. It wasn't meant to be this way. You can experience peace. You can live a life free from the control of food, feelings of unworthiness, wanting the approval of others, or whatever your struggle looks like. You were made to enjoy life, to live freely, and to experience beauty and adventure.

Unfortunately, many live in denial of their eating disorder for years, concluding they may have a symptom or two but not an actual eating disorder. I know. I lived the nightmare. It took five years for me to realize I needed help - five years of just trying harder, promising myself "this will be the last time" and begging for forgiveness. The eating disorder was my loyal lover. It comforted me when it told me I could feel good that day. It also told me when I deserved to be punished.

Can you relate? We at Renew understand. We specialize in the complexities of this illness. We are honored to walk with you on your journey of recovery. We're here to help you discover the roots that trigger your eating issues, offer tools for recovery, and restore hope. Call 913-768-6606, option 0 to set up a first time appointment.

Kori Hintz-Bohn, MA, LCPC
Founder & Executive Director

Reduced Fees Program

Renew understands that circumstances can prevent individuals from pursuing counseling services. Whether it's financial reasons, a lack of insurance, or any other reason, Renew encourages those who feel they would benefit from professional counseling to call and ask about our reduced fee options...

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Kori Hintz-Bohn, MA, LCPC, CEDS - Executive Director...ext. 302

Kori Hintz-Bohn has been practicing in Kansas since 1999. She received her BA in 1995 and her Masters in Counseling in 1999. She founded Renew Counseling Center in 2005. Kori started Renews Intensive Outpatient Program for eating disorders in 2010 and is passionate about helping individuals find healing from their struggles...

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Alyssa Meehan LPC...ext 334

Alyssa recieved her Master of Arts in Counseling from Mid America Nazarene University with a specialty in Mental Health. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology from Park University in 2014.

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